Heavy Duty Twin Auger

Jaylor 5000HD Series mixers are designed for operators who need to move heavier loads over rougher terrain. Larger than standard  5000 series mixers, the  HD series has a heavier frame, cast - dual walking beam axles and heavy duty wheels and tyres.  

The 5000HD Series is available in a range of configurations with capacities from 22.1m3 to 36.7m3. Other enhancements, such as thicker auger flighting and floor, mean that it is possible to blend and transport mixes up to 75% heavier. HD Series mixers are class leaders in efficient and rapid processing of round or square feed into uniform rations in as little as three to five minutes. All Jaylor 5000 Series HD mixers come standard with Jaylor’s 19mm patented square cut auger.



Heavy Duty Twin Auger
Model Capacity Min. HP (PTO) PTO Speed Standard Knives per Auger  Standard Extensions
 5750HD  22.1 cubic metres     135     1000                  9               16"
 5850HD  27.2 cubic metres     145     1000                  9               16"
 51000  31.0 cubic metres     165     1000                 11               16"
 51250  36.7 cubic metres     200+     1000                 13               16"