Single Auger 

Jaylor Single Auger mixers are available in a variety of configurations ranging in capacity from 9.9 to 16.3 cubic metres.
Ideal for feeding small to mid-sized dairy and cow-calf operations, medium-sized beef feedlots (especially backgrounding and grower operations), as well as large sheep and goat facilities.
Each Jaylor is a class leader in quickly processing round or square baled hay and/or baleage into uniform rations that will resist sorting. 
All Jaylor 5000 Series mixers come standard  with Jaylor’s 19mm patented square cut auger.




•  Ladder and Platform
•  Mixer Level
•  Shaker Box
•  Square Cut Auger with Sloped Top
•  Slide Plate Technology
•  Tungsten Carbide Coated Knives
•  Welded Mixing Chamber
•  Mix Viewing Window
•  2 Restrictor Blades
•  Structurally Reinforced Frame


•  Rapid Discharge Door
•  Galvanized 6’ 41” Discharge Conveyor
•  Adjustable Cast Towing Ball Hitch
•  Heavy Duty Hubs
•  Heavy Duty Single Straight Axle
•  3 Point Weigh System
•  Heavy Duty Planetary Gearbox
•  Patented Open Loop Oil Reservoir
•  Shear Bolt Protection
•  Wheel Assembly - Single Straight Axel

Single Auger
 Model Capacity Min. HP (PTO) PTO Speed Standard Knives per Auger Standard Extension
Jaylor 5350 12   cubic metres     60hp    540                     9             16"
Jaylor 5425 15.3 cubic metres     70hp    540                     9             16"
Jaylor 5575 16.3 cubic metres     80hp    540                    11             16"